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Chronic kidney disease is a major public health problem affecting approximately one in eight Americans, increasing the risk of illness and death, even for people with a slight decline in kidney function. Everyone can take a low-cost, low-risk prevention strategy to fight the kidney disease epidemic. I discussed the source of protein in my video: Acidity Test for Renal Function.

Diet plays a role in the decline of renal function. “Specifically, a diet rich in animal protein, animal fats and cholesterol” may be associated with protein leakage in the urine, which is a sign of kidney damage, in general, “higher fruit, vegetable diet and full Cereals, but meat and sweets are lower, may be “protection against kidney decline.”

Compared to the diets consumed by our ancient ancestors, we not only eat saturated fat, sugar and salt, but also drink an acidified diet instead of an alkaline diet. The ancestors’ human diet is mainly herbal, so it produces more base than acid.

The food acid load (LAD) depends on the balance of acidic foods high in animal protein (such as meat, eggs and cheese) and the basic induction of foods such as fruits and vegetables. In a national survey of 12,000 American adults, LAD was associated with kidney damage in American adults.

The acid-induced diet is thought to affect the kidney through tubular toxicity, which damages the tiny, fragile urinary tract in the kidney by increasing ammonia production. Ammonia is a foundation, so the kidneys can protect the acid from the food we eat. It is beneficial to eliminate the acid in the short term; however, in the long run, all of this extra ammonia in our kidneys seems to have toxic effects day after day.

After the 1930s, our kidney function gradually declined. In the 1980s, our kidney function could be reduced by half. “Perhaps, the so-called age-related decline in kidney function is due to damage caused by excess ammonia.” However, this is only a theory. Acidic pH can increase the production of free radicals and damage the kidneys in this way, or increase healing.

Not only are proteins derived from plant foods accompanied by antioxidants that are resistant to free radicals, but plant proteins are also less susceptible to acids because they often contain less sulfur amino acids. One of the reasons why plant foods are less acidic than animal feed is that acids are produced by sulfur in proteins and have fewer plant proteins.

“The quality of the protein ingested (ie, if it induces acid production like most animal proteins or basic production like most fruit and vegetable proteins) is the most important determinant. The effect of important dietary proteins on kidney disease. Intake rather than intake of protein intake.”

The American diet “produces a lot of acid because they lack fruits and vegetables and contain a lot of animal products.” Therefore, switching from a standard American diet to a vegan diet can improve acidosis in patients with chronic renal failure. Under normal conditions, vegetarian diets are alkalinized, while non-vegetarian foods cause an acidic load. This is true even for vegetarians who consume processed meat substitutes such as vegetable burgers.

For patients with chronic renal failure, the herbal diet has been open for decades. They are free of animal fats, contain no cholesterol and less acid formation, and help lower blood pressure. In fact, if you compare the kidney function of vegetarians to the kidney function of vegetarians and omnivores, most herbal diets are most relevant for improving parameters that prevent renal regression.

I was surprised to know how diet affects the function and structure of the kidneys. My kidney video includes:

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