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Natural supplements have proven to help improve the thickness and circumference of the penis and have also proven to be a safe alternative to maintaining a permanent erection. Staminon Male Enhancement pills are the solution to these problems, because it proves to be an effective supplement for men to improve, effectively help you solve the problem of small penile and erectile dysfunction. By using Staminon pills on a regular basis, you can discover the significant benefits of increased penis size and improved bed endurance. Staminon Male Enhancement pills use pure nitric oxide, so the amazing effect of this supplement.

Testosterone is responsible for male sexuality, sexuality, physical strength, overall health, muscle mass and confidence. Staminon works by stimulating testosterone. Its concerns include: impotence, premature ejaculation or unintentional ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction. The benefit of using Staminon is that the two main active ingredients are mixed in their proprietary formulation. These ingredients are horny goat weed and tongkat ali. The company behind the product is poorly informed and needs more research. Therefore, the supplement can not be completely trusted.

Staminon ingredients – is it really useful? Is this a scam?

The official product website has no information, as it contains very little information on the composition of the supplement. Staminon contains the following ingredients according to the label: Exclusive Formula 742mg: Tongkat Alimentin, Goat Cornea leaf extract, Apricot extract, Wild yam extract, orcial substance, extract sarsaparilla root, boron amino acid chelate, Nettle root extract.

Are these ingredients really beneficial to men’s sexual health? Although boron may be effective in treating vaginal infections, nettle root extract may be useful in the treatment of osteoarthritis, but there is a lack of clinical evidence that one of the ingredients of the product will provide an effect. Promised by the manufacturer.

Tongkat Ali is the active ingredient of this product. It comes from the tropical forests of Malaysia and is also known as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack. It has been used as aphrodisiac for oriental medicine. It also helps to increase libido and support hormone levels in men. An active compound in Tongkat ali is called glycoprotein. He is responsible for fighting various sexual dysfunction in men, including impotence, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation or involuntary ejaculation. These effects are achieved by stimulating the production of free testosterone in the male genitalia. This substance even claims to increase male fertility. In fact, these uses of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack have not yet been scientifically approved.

Horny Goat Weeds are another active ingredient of the year Staminon. It is also known as Epimedium sagittatum in Yin and Yang Fire and Oriental Medicine. This is a plant that is famous for its performance and aphrodisiac properties. It is said that it will not cause side effects. The active ingredient in this ingredient is Icariin, which works by relaxing muscle tissue and promoting recovery. This is good for men’s sexual health. This active ingredient is expected to improve blood circulation, prevent premature ejaculation, increase penile sensitivity and treat erectile dysfunction. However, there is a lack of scientific evidence behind these claims. Cuttle goat Weed also promises to improve libido and improve erection quality.

In fact, there is not enough evidence to prove the validity and safety of Staminon. It is advisable to consider the possible side effects and adverse reactions associated with the use of this supplement.

Is this a side effect?

Staminon manufacturers did not provide clinical evidence to ensure the safety of its components. The most common reaction is indigestion. In some cases, users may experience headaches, dizziness, nausea, constipation, vomiting and diarrhea. This is because of Saw Palmetto supplements. In addition, horny goat weeds may have adverse effects on certain drugs, including those used to treat high blood pressure and anti-clotting drugs.

There are many criticisms of this new supplement, most of which do not seem to be entirely legal because their goal is to promote the product and attract as many clients as possible. Hard to find real reviews. The ingredients in this recipe are nothing special. According to some clients, this may be why supplementation does not work. Some of them asked for a refund, but when they talked with company staff, they seemed rude and refused to take a refund. Let’s look at what others think of Staminon.

My final conclusion of Staminon

Staminon is one of the most expensive products on the market. In fact, he has some negative comments from real clients. It is said that it is not as effective as claimed. Another problem with about Staminon is that it can cause some side effects. If you really need to increase testosterone levels, we recommend regular exercise, staying healthy, relieving stress, getting enough sleep and staying optimistic. I can not recommend Staminon to use.

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